About Good Shepherd

What we believe

As a biblically based Lutheran community, we stand in historic communion with all who affirm the Apostle’s Creed and Nicene Creed.gslclogo

We worship the One and only, true and living God – eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – who is the Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier. May the name of the Lord be praised forever!

We receive the Bible as God’s inspired an unfailing Word to us, the fully authoritative and reliable statement of who God is, who we are, what we believe, and how we live. Blessed are those who live according to it.

We confess our own efforts cannot save us from sin and death, and we mourn the world’s tragic brokenness and helplessness as consequences of human rebellion. Lord, have mercy.

We rejoice, for God fully reconciles us by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone as our Savior and Lord. God the Son entered the world as truly human; He was crucified for all our sins, rose from the dead, ascended into heaven, and is Lord of all. Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift!

We have hope because the Holy Spirit pours God’s love into our hearts, incorporates us into the church, the body of Christ, and gives us grace and peace in lives of joyful serviced. Lord, may you rule on earth as in heaven.

We eagerly anticipate the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ who will judge the living and the dead. We celebrate life in Him and we invite all people to turn from death to life in Christ. Alleluia! Come, Lord Jesus!

We celebrate our humble Lutheran heritage of faith with gratitude in our hearts, thankful for the faithful witness of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession and Luther’s Small and Large Catechisms. May we run with endurance the race set before us with joy. Lord, you are the author and perfecter of our faith. Lead us into radical life transformation for your name’s sake. Amen.

We believe that every person who comes into the circle of this special fellowship was sent by God. It is not by accident that we have the joy of meeting you. We’re eager to know you, and we’re excited to share with you the marvelous ways God is working in our church.

It won’t take long for you to discover that Good Shepherd is truly a family, rich in the relationships that matter most. Growing together, we worship, we serve, we laugh, we cry, we learn, and we reach out to our world with life-transforming truth. We reach out to you, as well. Our doors are open. Our hearts are open, too. If you’ve been thinking, praying, searching, and hoping for a place to belong, we say…WELCOME!

Our JOY is to CONNECT to God and to one another, to GROW in maturity in Christ and to SERVE in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Being Lutheran

A Lutheran is first and foremost a Christian, a believer and follower of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. As Christians, we are thankful for the faithful witness of Martin Luther, a German Monk (1483 – 1546 A.D.), who clearly articulated foundational gospel truths in his generation, calling an errant Church back into reform and right relationship with God. Much of Luther’s teachings on Scripture were preserved and became a theological companion to understanding the Scriptures for an emerging reform movement. The irony is that Luther never wanted a denomination or church named after himself. For that reason, the German churches of the Reformation still refer to themselves today as “Evangelicals.”

Luther’s legacy of reform has thrived in the confession of certain core values:

  • Word Alone – The Scriptures (Old and New Testaments) are the inspired Word of God, authoritative for faith, doctrine, and daily living. The Bible needs to be translated into the common language of the people, so that they can read and study to know God, his character, his promises, his covenant of grace, his expressed will for His people for themselves.
  • Faith Alone – We become right with God through faith in God’s atoning sacrifice for all sin in Jesus Christ on the cross. Through faith we receive Christ’s righteousness and are justified before God, the Father, and are born again children of God. Faith is the result of hearing, believing, and trusting the good news of forgiveness of sins in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Grace Alone – We are born separated and alienated from God without any knowledge of His character or plan of salvation, except that which is already revealed through His creation. We cannot free ourselves from sin or warrant our own salvation. It is only through the free gift of God in Christ Jesus that we are forgiven, redeemed, and saved. We are free from the LAW of God to live in the freedom of the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.
  • Word and Sacrament – The church exists wherever the gospel of Jesus Christ is faithfully preached and the sacraments (The Lord’s Supper and Baptism) rightly administered. The sacraments are means of grace in that Jesus Christ is really present. Wherever Christ is present is always the potential for faith, salvation, repentance, healing, and new life!
  • Priesthood of All Believers – There is no false distinction between laity and clergy – all are charged to be faithful messengers of the gospel of Christ and anointed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Though there are different types of service, it is still the same Spirit who calls and equips them all. The Spirit calls some to be apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers (and more) all for the equipping and building up of the body to maturity in Christ.
  • Freedom in Worship – Luther introduced hymns and liturgy in the language and rhythm of the culture and people. We continue this practice today with new emerging songs of praise and thanksgiving in the heart-beat of today’s people.

What to expect

It is never easy to visit a new church for the first time so we want to be as helpful as we can to make your experience a good one.  Let’s talk about dress.  A few people dress up, but most people choose to dress down and come casual.  Come the way that you feel most comfortable.

  • Worship This time is set aside for communicating with God from our hearts.  We have three different worship experiences on Sunday morning. Our 11:15 a.m. service has live upbeat worship with guitars, drums -the works, as well as more intimate songs of worship.  At 8:00 a.m. you’ll enjoy a more traditional Lutheran service with traditional liturgy, organ and hymns sung. At 9:30 a.m. the service is blended, contemporary upbeat and traditional. Everyone worships in their own unique way – for many, that means singing & clapping, and for others it means quietly reflecting on the words.  You’re welcome to attend the service that makes you feel most comfortable and worship God the way you feel led to.
  • The Message (sermon) Every weekend, you will hear a relevant, straightforward message that is based on Scripture and is designed to be helpful in your everyday life.  We trust that these messages will help you develop a growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and provide a strong biblical foundation for your life.
  • Prayer Each of our worship services include a “prayer altar rail” time where you may come forward to pray with a prayer team member. You may come forward as an individual, as a couple, or even as a family to pray for your own needs or the needs of others. As a guest, you’ll also be asked to sign the attendance binder during the service you attend. The information you share with us will only be used to send you a welcome letter, including information on upcoming events at GSLC that may interest you. We never share information.  In addition, you are invited to fill out a prayer card. Your prayers are shared, not only with the GSLC prayer team, but with the church pastors and office staff who will make time to pray for you during the week.
  • Communion Every week, we celebrate communion together. Anyone can participate in this time of reflection and prayer – as long they’ve made the decision to follow Jesus Christ.  The wine/juice and bread that we share are the blood and the body of Christ, given so that our sins can be forgiven.
  • Offering Each week there is a time to worship God through the giving of tithes and offerings.  As a guest, please do not feel any pressure to give.  This is an act of worship for our regular attenders, allowing them to thank God for all of the great work he is doing in their lives.  It also gives Good Shepherd the means to reach more people for Christ in the future.