Narrative Lectionary

When God Calls Our Name

Speaker: | October 01, 2017

Genesis 15:13 teaches us that God told Abraham, “Your offspring will be strangers in a land that does not belong to them; they will be enslaved and oppressed 400 years.” In Exodus chapters 2-4, we...

God Uses Broken People

Speaker: | September 24, 2017

The interpretive key to understanding Jacob’s story is found in the promises God made to his mother before he was born: “Your two sons will become two nations. They will be separated. One will be...

The Binding of Isaac

Speaker: | September 17, 2017

The dilemma of The Binding of Isaac is that in God commanded Noah not to ever commit human sacrifice. The life blood was of critical importance and should be held sacred. However, God asks Abraham...

God’s Great Plan

Speaker: | September 10, 2017

John 1:1-5 teaches us that God’s love story and plan began before the foundations of the world and before the time of creation. God’s hospitality began in Jesus before time began. John teaches us there...

We Are One In Christ

Speaker: | May 28, 2017

We are focusing today on how our Lord Jesus Christ forms us into one community for the sake of his mission in our world. Luke 1:68-79 is “Zechariah’s Song” and it celebrates that God keeps...

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