Come All Who Are Thirsty

The Prophet Isaiah writes this powerful chapter in the beauty and rhythm of prophetic poetry.  In verses 1-2 we hear God’s invitation and then in verses 3-5, Isaiah lifts up God’s faithfulness.  This pattern is repeated again as God’s invitation is heard in verses 6-7 and God’s faithfulness is lifted up in verses 8-11.  Isaiah concludes his message in verses 12-13 which describe a joyous hope filled journey home that all will take someday.
God’s first invitation is for all who are thirsty and in need of the Living Water of Christ, to come and partake of God’s free wine, His free milk, His free bread, that sustains all who come.  Knowing none of us have the money or resources to buy what God is offering us, our Savior calls us to come anyway, for God’s love and mercy is given freely to all who ask for it.  This is accomplished through the “New Covenant” given to the world through the sacrifice of God’s own Son, Jesus Christ, who was sent to take our place on the cross.
But, how do we trust our God who either caused, or He allowed, His people to go into exile?  How do we trust our God who either caused or allowed His people to suffer the despair and oppression of slavery in the exile?  How do we trust our God who either caused or allows us to suffer the pain and anguish of the trials we face every day in our lives?
God responds to our uncertainty by inviting us to seek Him and call on Him so we may know His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways.  This time of seeking God is inviting us into is not our ordinary prayer time spoken as we are running out the door in the morning.  No, this type of seeking is deep down, gut wrenching, being honest with God crying out to heaven that is spoken from the depth of our souls who long to know if we can risk everything and follow Jesus.  When we seek God in this manner He will give us the answers we long for.  He will come and remind us that if He fulfilled His promise to send Jesus to save us the first time, then He will keep His promise to send Jesus again.  And this time when Jesus comes God will reverse the catastrophe of the choices made in the Garden of Eden when sin came and broke God’s beautiful creation.  Oh how wonderful that day will be when Jesus comes and takes away all our pain and suffering as He wipes away all our tears forever.


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