God’s Great Plan

John 1:1-5 teaches us that God’s love story and plan began before the foundations of the world and before the time of creation. God’s hospitality began in Jesus before time began. John teaches us there has never been a time when Jesus did not exist; all three persons of the Trinity were active and involved in creation; and God’s plan included Jesus being the primary Creator of all things. In fact, Ephesians 1:4 teaches us God chose us in Him (Jesus) before the creation of the world. You see, God’s love story and His plan are fulfilled through Jesus Christ. John 1:11-12 teaches us that in the beginning God was already coming to meet our most basic of needs. Yes, our Father is an amazing and generous host. In His love and His mercy our Father provides all things that we need. In His love our Father predestined us to be adopted as His sons and daughters through Jesus Christ. Just as God turned chaos into order in creation He will take the chaos of our lives and make order out of it!


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