His Heart’s Desire

This week we cover Revelation 21 and focus primarily on verses one through 7. We explore how good God is to us by giving us what we need in order to be with Him. Also, we see what a good Father God is by removing barriers from us that separate us from one another. God does all of this while revealing the utmost desire of the grooms heart to the bride that He will be with forever. We will explore what this means for us yesterday, today, and forever. Once we see that God has done for us, again and again, what we cannot do for ourselves we explore why He does it and how we can respond in love to Him.

If the “sea is no more” and the “veil is torn in two” why do Christians live like there are still barriers between God and us? We talk about what we can do, with God’s help, to live without barriers. Finally, we will receive some practical examples of how we can keep focused on Jesus and make Him the utmost desire of our hearts.


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