Overcoming Angry Hearts and Trapped Minds

The Israelites grumbled against Aaron and Moses. Even though God was radically present to them the lived with fearful angry hearts and under the delusion that life was better as slaves in Egypt. The reality of their situation was that God was with them, ready to provide for His children when they cried out to Him. The perception was that the lack of food was too big for Aaron, Moses, and God. In reality, they couldn’t have been in a better place, and our reality is even better because God isn’t just going before us, He lives in us through His Holy Spirit.

How do we overcome the bondage of a fearful heart and trapped mind to live in the freedom Christ intends for us? Hebrews shows us the role that the body of Christ plays in overcoming the grumbling. Psalm 95 shows us the importance of daily worship as we show God that we love Him, heart, mind, and soul.


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