Pentecost – Here Comes The Power

At Pentecost there was a violent wind or breath, a symbol of the Holy Spirit of God.  There seemed to be tongues of fire, a descriptive metaphor where several languages are about to be spoken.  Fire is a symbol of divine presence.  Jews from every nation heard those filled with the Holy Spirit as all were enabled to speak and understand languages native to the places they came from.  The unity in the gathering was in sharp contrast to the Tower of Babel where God separated those speaking the same language, using its power for evil.

Pentecost has lost its meaning for many, for a first century Jew Pentecost was an agricultural festival that commemorated the 50th day after Passover.   These festivals awakenened the long memories of the Jewish people;  the story of the Exodus, the Passover, the Red Sea crossing and  the giving of the Ten Commandments.  The purpose of the festivals were to give the first fruits of their crops to God and reminds us of the first Apostles of Christ being filled with the spirit and then going on to bear powerful witness to Jesus’ resurrection and win converts.

The Spirit of God transforms earth with the power of heaven through bodies, minds, hearts and lives of followers of Jesus.  The Holy Spirit comes to do new things in people and communities, when  he comes he transforms a listless or lifeless believer into someone whose heart is on fire with the love of God.