The Binding of Isaac

The dilemma of The Binding of Isaac is that in God commanded Noah not to ever commit human sacrifice. The life blood was of critical importance and should be held sacred. However, God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son, his only son, whom he loves as a “burnt” offering to the Lord.

In this sermon we will see God preparing the way for His Son, His only Son, whom He loves to go to the cross for us. We will explore some moments of the importance of the unbreakable and never ending relationship God has through Abraham through Blood Covenant. And we will explore how we can have the strength of faith and spiritual clarity that Abraham had when he stretched out his hand (in Blood Covenant solidarity with God), grabbed the knife to kill Isaac (showing God that he would never hold anything back from him) and believed that even if Isaac was slain and burnt to ash that God would raise him from the ashes and keep His blood covenant oaths through him.

We wrap up with a couple of ways, found in John 1, that we can have increased faith and Holy Spirit clarity, so we can be as trusting and submitted as Abraham.


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