Two Different Stories in 1 Samuel 3

One can make much out of the painful stories in I Samuel 3.  It contrasts the story of Eli’s Family (and Impending Disaster) with Samuel’s Story as he learns obedience in hard things.

Eli’s sons were scoundrels and bullies as they ministered as priests. Although their father rebuked them, they didn’t listen. As a judge (I Samuel 4:18), Eli was very wrong to let his sons continue to abuse God’s reputation.  He didn’t discipline his sons when they showed contempt for God.

The Lord called Samuel four times and he learned that God was bringing the promised judgment on Eli’s household because Eli “failed to restrain his sons.” Samuel gave Eli the difficult message, and Eli still didn’t repent!

What are we meant to learn? Repent quickly when you are wrong!

Think of how much more we have as disciples who have received the Spirit! Learn quickly, set things right, and offer your heart again to our Lord Jesus!

Today is the day for change!


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