Who are we? And the promise that Christ will come again!

In Revelation we have to use our imaginations as we envision these beautiful words that are sensational and bizarre – and famous, because they are so satisfyingly true.  John’s imaginative perception helps us to see the glory before us even in a world where evil and tribulation is happening all around us on any given day.  The message to the Christians of the seven churches is how to be victorious within their specific circumstances, a message for all mankind and for all time.

Revelation is given to us in a way that  brings us back to our first love, shakes us to our senses where we have strayed off course and emboldens and encourages us where we have excelled.  We read this vision and see we are with God always and can persevere and take delight in him because in the end, even standing in the pouring rain, we win!   The warning is, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches”.