Royal Family Kids (RFK)

RFK provides an annual week long Christian summer camp for children within, or who have been in, the Utah Foster Care System; as well as a club and mentoring program for kids from camp. The monthly club includes meetings/activities and 1-on-1 mentoring with a trained Christian mentor for 4 hours per month. Check the Royal Family Kids website for more details.

Christian Motorcyclist Association

Come ride with us! CMA is a servant minded inter-denominational motorcycle ministry with a non-denominational message of hope and love through Jesus Christ. Enjoy the family atmosphere, make life-long friends, and join an army of people dedicated to changing the world, one heart at a time on the highways and byways. Contact Pastor Susan for more information.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

We support interVarsity's outreach to students at the University of Utah campus to grow in Christ through social events, retreats, and weekly bible studies.

Audio Visual Ministry

This ministry supports all the worship services, special services, concerts, funerals and weddings. The wonderful people who serve in this ministry have training that can be transferred into a career. The training includes working on computers and mixer boards. We are always in need of more helpers! Please pray about giving your time and talent to this ministry! There will be periodic trainings. Please call Rick Johnson in the church office, if you want to join this ministry.

Parish Nursing

A Parish Nurse is a professional, licensed nurse that focuses on the intentional care of the spirit as well as the promotion of wholistic health and prevention or minimization of illness within a faith community. �However, caring for our congregation and community is not something one person can provide. �This ministry needs assistance and support from other professionals and non-professionals. �Consider serving with the Parish Nursing team to assess needs, plan and present events, and serve your brothers and sister in Christ. Our Qualified nurses offer frequent health fairs to the community (blood pressure, diabetes checks, flu shots, medical counseling, etc.) and attend to the health needs of our homebound.

T.H.E. Milestone Project

At the age of 18, young adults are released from the state's guardianship, many with nowhere to go. The Transitional Experience Milestone project offers qualified youth living quarters, in a safe environment as a training and intermediate step to prepare for independent living. GSLC partners with Salt Lake County and the State of Utah Foster Program and Housing Authorities to provide 3 group homes for these young adults.

Family Promise

This non-profit, interfaith organization, along with participating church congregations like Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, provides shelter and housing services to homeless families. Family Promise offers families a safe and supported environment away from the trauma of homelessness, while facilitating lasting income and housing stability for the families we serve. 95% graduate into housing and 100% remain housed 2 years after the shelter! Families account for 42% of all homelessness, due to the rising costs of living/housing expenses and depressed wages. This means that over 6,000 individuals in families, mostly single mothers, are caring for their children in shelters, doubling-up with friends/family, or worse, living out of cars or abandoned buildings. By volunteering with Family Promise, and giving of your time, compassion and hospitality, you are truly changing the lives of homeless parents and children for the better. GSLC hosts three times a year by providing food, shelter, and the love Jesus calls us to give. For more information visit The 2019/2020 Family Promise dates are: November 24-December 1, 2019, May 24-31, 2020, August 2-9,2020, November 1-8,2020.

Bell Choir

Kate McGuire is directing the Handbell choir. The choir rehearses weekly on Mondays at 6:00 pm. The choir performs for worship approximately once per month, on Christmas Eve, during Lent, and during Holy Week fulfilling their purpose to glorify God in worship. If you are interested in joining this wonderful ministry please call Kate or the church office.

GSLC Christmas Stocking

Good Shepherd has a long tradition of the Christmas Stocking. Donations of cash and checks go into a fund that helps congregation families and individuals with short-term financial assistance through the year. The Christmas Stocking will be hung in the back of the sanctuary beginning December 1 or donate online anytime.

Standing Together

Good Shepherd Partners with Standing Together, a local para-church ministry that serves the state of Utah and acts as a catalyst to draw churches together in joint partnership with one another in evangelistic outreaches.

Christian Youth Network (CYN)

A network of valley-wide youth pastors and leaders who meet to share ideas and plan joint events like the annual "Spring Fling."

Greeting Ministry

We would love for you to consider joining the Greeting Ministry at GSLC. Why be a greeter? Greeters have an extremely important role at worship and other church gatherings. Greeters are often the first impression that our church gives to visitors. Greeters let people who come to church alone know that they are welcome, they have friends, and that we are glad that they are here. Greeters can help newcomers connect with a pastor, find where they need to go, answer initial questions, or just give a handshake, maybe a hug, and definitely a smile. Being a greeter can be as simple as shaking hands or it could lead to deeper moments of prayer, conversation, and connection that can help people experience the love of Christ. Who can be a greeter? If you have the gift of hospitality, warmness, and are authentically happy to see people as they come to worship you can be a greeter. What do greeters do? Greeters welcome everyone coming to worship. Ideally one team will be near the parking lot and the other team will be by the doors of the church. On occasion greeters might be asked to help people fill out nametags for special services. Greeters help us discover who is a first time visitor and make sure they receive a gift bag from the welcome desk. Some tasks we hope a larger team of greeters will help with in the future are helping people find Sunday School and nursery registration, guiding people where they need to go around campus, and gathering some basic information from visitors so we can connect with them within 24 hours of their first visit. Ideally we would have a greeter at the welcome desk who can answer questions about Good Shepherd, worship, events, and ministries. Please prayerfully consider becoming part of this vital ministry! For more information please contact: Pastor Jeff (801-255-8181 or and he will connect you with Greeter Team Leaders.