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We are trying our best to keep our service of worship safe for you and your family and friends. Please preregister on-line or call the church office to reserve your seat.
Are we allowed to continue to meet? Yes! Here is the crucial statement summarizing the Governor’s latest set of restrictions.
Religious services and events with “organizational oversight” are not subject to the size restrictions on social gatherings.
Our “organizational oversight” includes the following:
1. We are asking you to use hand sanitizer when you enter the building, when you exit the restrooms, when you enter the sanctuary, and when you check-in for Children’s church. Please don’t touch your face (mouth, nose or eyes).
2. We are disinfecting all high contact surfaces (door handles, pew-backs, etc.) before and between services.
3. We are asking you to be seated in every other row, and to use the 6-foot-long pool noodles to find a proper 6-foot side-to-side distance.
4. We are asking you to keep your masks on except for the few moments you take communion.
5. We are providing “high-five hands” for you to use as you “pass the peace.”
6. We are asking you to refrain from hugging and touching others. Please respect this rule, even though we are all desperate for a hug!
7. Please don’t form small close gatherings anywhere in the building—even with your masks on. These are safer outside.
8. Please take advantage of our live-stream option if you or anyone in your family have even the mildest of respiratory symptoms or have been recently exposed to someone with COVID.
9. Please cooperate with the pastors and help us keep it safe for us to continue to worship together.
Please remember to pray for the Governor and his team of health experts. Pray for your pastors, board, and staff to be wise as we lead here at Good Shepherd. Pray for God’s will to be done, and for God to heal all those afflicted by this dreadful disease.


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