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Online Bible Study with P. James

This Bible Study Challenge uses a creative mix of Bible readings, videos, and discussion questions to prepare us for greater usefulness and service to our risen Lord! Do as much as you can each day, and email your questions to me at james@gslc.net.
The study is designed to take 40-60 minutes a day. The Bible Project videos are fun and even quirky. I love these guys! The videos are also detailed and content-rich. You may want to watch them more than once. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything the first time. The study repeats the most important concepts at key moments and if you stay with this, your knowledge will grow little by little.
The study builds with 6-day segments. Take a day off, or have some real fun and meet with a small group via a conference call on your seventh day. Take your time, encourage one another, and ask additional questions.

Open to All

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