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Parish Nurse

In Our Hearts and Neighborhoods

In our hearts and neighborhoods we sow the seeds of peace
We would plant community, love’s harvest to increase.
We work for hope and healing, we seek the lonely soul.
We stretch out hands in friendship, that God might make us whole.
We pray for all the children, for youth who need our care,
For lonely home-bound elders who gifts they long to share.
Oh, send us forth in courage, equipped with grace to know
Diversity’s rich garden, God’s love and care to grow.
Rev. Deborah L Patterson (1996)


Parish Nurses provide “Wholistic” Care

What is a Parish Nurse?
Parish Nurses, also called Faith Community Nurses, are professional and licensed nurses that focus on the intentional care of the spirit as well as the promotion of wholistic health and prevention or minimization of illness within a faith community.

What is “Wholistic” Care?
Wholistic care comes from the belief that we are more as a whole than the sum of our parts. It is based on our individual and community interconnectedness. Wholistic health care includes evaluation and coordination to support the physical, mental, social, environmental and spiritual needs of individuals and families.

What can my Parish Nurse do for me?

The Parish Nurse Ministry at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church has agreed to be a / an:

Health Advisor - Promote the relationship between faith and health. Encourage individuals and groups to care for their health through presence and spiritual support.

Educator - Provide educational programs based on identified needs though congregational survey. Assist individuals to access services which enhance their overall well-being.

Advocate/Resource person - Assist individuals and families in making decisions regarding health, medical services, treatment and care facilities.
Liaison to faith and community resources - Develop resources within the congregation and external community to meet the needs of members of the congregation.
Teacher of Volunteers - Recruits professional and lay volunteers to assist and respond to the health needs of the congregation.
Healer of the body, mind, spirit and community - Fosters, promotes, and provides opportunities for spiritual care to be integrated into individual and groups. Promotes stewardship of the body emphasizing self care of the whole person.

Yeah, but what can they DO?

1. My doctor says I need to check my blood pressure once a month. Can you help? YES
2. I’m supposed to have an Esophagogastroduodenoscopy. Can you tell me what it is? YES
3. Mom is going home from the hospital. They say she needs Home Health Care. Can you tell me how
to choose a good one? YES
4. My son is going to Boy Scout camp and I can’t schedule and appointment for the physical exam in
time. Can you help? YES
5. My Dad isn’t taking his medication correctly because it costs too much. Can you help me figure out
what to do? YES

These and many other things are part of our commitment to this congregation. The basic rule for Parish heath nursing is ASK! If we don’t have the answer, we will do everything possible to find out. If we can’t provide the service, we will do everything possible to find someone who can.

How do I contact the Parish Nurse Ministry?

1. Fill out a Parish Nurse Contact card at the information desk and leave it in the church office or give it to a pastor.
2. Contact the church office by phone: (801) 255-8181 and ask for a Parish Nurse to contact you.

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