January 12

Discover Your Destiny...Like Rebekah

“Drink, my Lord,” she said, and quickly lowered the jar to her hands and gave him a drink. After she had given him a drink, she said, ‘I’ll draw water for your camels too...” Genesis 24:18-19

Chapter twenty-four of Genesis details the marvelous narrative of the servant of Abraham who seeks out a bride for Isaac. Most interpreters see a story behind the story in these verses. Abraham appears to be an example of Father God, Isaac is a picture of His Son, Jesus Christ, and the servant who goes on the journey to find the bride corresponds to the Holy Spirit.

This unnamed servant, when looking for a bride for the Father's son, had one characteristic in mind that she must possess. It was not natural beauty, even though Rebekah was naturally beautiful. It was not strength, even though she was strong. The servant was looking for a person who had the spirit of giving, for a giving person would bless the son, Isaac. When Rebekah gave him a drink and then offered to water his camels (which might take hours, by the way!), he knew that he had found the one for Isaac.

Rebekah was willing to give. She was going to the well to take care of her needs. It was her water, but she gave it away. (Genesis 24:18)

Rebekah was willing to go beyond the ordinary. If you are willing to go beyond the ordinary for God, He will go beyond the ordinary for you. (Genesis 24:19)

Like Rebekah, there are times when going beyond the ordinary means trusting that God will send the Holy Spirit to us. Going beyond the ordinary means trusting God that the Holy Spirit well waits in the background until He sees the spirit of giving in you. Then He pulls out the riches and gives you revelation of the Father’s plan. The Holy Spirit is watching and waiting on your response to the opportunities to give in your life (Genesis 24:12) The Holy Spirit will graciously confront you with opportunities to give. (Genesis 24:17)

Prayer For today: Heavenly Father, please bless the church body at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church with a joyous spirit of giving. Lord, help us to realize the joy You receive when we live with a giving serving spirit. Amen

Personal Prayer: “Lord, I want to please You! What do You want me to do to help make the dreams of our church come true?”