January 4

What A Great Dream Looks Like

“He said to them, "Listen to this dream I had." Genesis 37:6

In 1989, a movie called “Field of Dreams” was released. Kevin Costner played Ray Kinsella, a 37-year-old man who had never done a crazy thing in his life until he heard a voice one day that said, “Build it and he will come.” In the move, when Kinsella plowed his cornfield over and made a baseball field, everyone said he was crazy for following his dream. However, through the magic of the movie this man could find out what a dream looks like when he was be reunited with his father as a young man. The theology is certainly not correct, and the plot is nowhere near reality, but that is what makes the movies, the movies.

One thing is for certain; people will come to a place where their dreams can be fulfilled. God’s field of dreams is not in Iowa, but rather in the hearts of His people. How do we know what a dream looks like? This list below gives us a good description of what a God-given dream looks like:

· A God-given dream will stir your passion.

· A God-given dream will be humanly impossible to  accomplish.

· A God-given dream will make an impression on you for a lifetime.

· A God-given dream will cause you to exercise strong faith.

· A God-given dream will be attacked by the enemy of our soul.

As we continue our 40 days of prayer journey today let us lift our voices together asking Jesus to bring us the dreams and visions, He has for GSLC so He may be glorified as we strive to follow our God-given dreams.

Prayer for today: God of     Hope, at GSLC You have turned our dreams into a vision, and our vision into reality. We pray for our leaders, asking that You will give them an extra measure of Your wisdom, insight, discernment and hope as they tackle the challenges of today’s field of dreams.” Protect our Church, Lord, from the wiles of Satan as we use our time, talents, and treasures to Your Glory. Amen.

Personal Prayer: “Lord, I want to please You! What do You want me to do to help make the dreams of our church come true?”