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A Messianic Jewish Study of the Book of Revelation

We often look at the Book of Revelation with Western Eyes. We make it make sense to us. The Revelation was given to John the Apostle a Disciple of Jesus Christ who, like Jesus, was a Jew from the Middle East. In our on going study of Revelation, we will attempt to look at the Revelation Jesus Christ gives to John through Middle Eastern Jewish eyes. This study will be an overview and not a fully comprehensive study. Our goal will simply be to think differently and be objective about this prophecy, filled with the word of Jesus, which is always hope for the world.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study (June 2020-July 2021)

We invite you to dive deeper into the previous Sunday’s sermon.


This Bible Study was livestreamed during Covid Shutdown

Click here to locate the corresponding Sunday sermon.

Isaiah Bible Study with Pastor Jeff

This study begins on Chapter 28. Read Pastor Jeff's summary and blog with other students on the prophecies of Isaiah. This is a work at your own pace study and you can start on any chapter you wish.

72 Day Bible Challenge with Pastor James

The Bible is filled with stories of God’s people being rescued, sustained, and provided for at sources of water. The streams of water in the garden set the stage for water as a rich image of God’s creative power and love. In our newest video, we trace this theme and show how it culminates in the death and resurrection of Jesus and the promise of a new creation. 

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